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Having a family is a beautiful thing. It’s where you and your children share your first moments together. Children will depend on parents and family for nurture, support and guidance.

Get connected and explore what My Choice for Life community has for your family. Giving your children the right protection ensures they are protected.



Setting the right path and lifestyle for your family sets path for them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Give them the opportunity to learn and explore what life has for them.


Why Family?

Family is your backbone of SUPPORT. Knowing that your family is protected, it takes the worries off
your shoulder. Providing them the right lifestyle gives them the freedom and understanding of
creating their own lifestyle that suits their needs.

The Family Rules

Family is HOME and where the HEART is. A happy family gives you the satisfaction that they are well
protected. Each member may have different needs by diving into financial freedom, you get to
provide them what is needed.

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